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” There’s a lot of landscaping companies these days that probably should call themselves lawn mowers, they do very little aside of chop grass quickly, race around with a string trimmer aggressively, leaf blow the drive & walk, pack up and go. At the office or a box store parking lot this is practical and acceptable, but for a homeowner that takes pride in the appearance of their home, a higher standard should be expected.”

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We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and limited on call lawn care plans to fit any budget, As well as annual maintenance such as dethatching, hedge trimming, mulching, leaf removal, & more. While we can bag and remove grass clippings we also have equipment that recycles them into finer particles that dissolve back into the lawn replenishing nutrients and maximizing the effectiveness of any treatments or fertilizers you may have seasonally applied without messy grass clumps.


Everyone loves bright flowers and fresh vegetables, but over time many people have just resolved to believe that a garden is too much work. Thanks to many advances in technique and design today, having a low maintenance space intensive garden is easier then ever. These types of gardens can be built at greater height, preventing pests, and eliminating the stress of bending or kneeling to reach them, making them ideal for seniors and the handicapped

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About CT Total Home Solutions LLC

​​​CT Total Home Solutions LLC is family owned local Lawncare & Landscaping company serving the greater Route 2 corridor from Glastonbury east. We specialize in tasks not generally offered by lawn care companies to help provide a more complete solution to our customers.

In addition to the typical landscaping services offered (Lawn Mowing, Leaf/Brush cleanup, & Trimming) our small footprint turf friendly equipment allows us to affordably complete advanced landscaping tasks such as material handling/spreading, small stump removal, shrub removal, rototilling, brush-cutting/field mowing, finish grading, heavy raking, trenching, and many other applications.

Our extensive knowledge and experience with Gardening from vegetables to flowers helps us to help you get the eyebrow raising results you want from your garden, whether its rich colored flowers, or piles of tomatoes your looking for, we get you the most bang for your budget.

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